Chords at beginning of piece

I have done a lead sheet /chord chart but would like the chords at the beginning of the music…when I select ‘Show chord diagrams used at start of flow’ nothing shows accept a gap at the top where the diagrams should be.???
If I go to Engrave - Frames then ‘unlink’ the chords appear on the second page and it also copies the first page making a 2 page document 4 pages with the layout completely screwed up, I have 3 duplicate bars of everything … your vids just show someone selecting Show chord diagrams but this is NOT the case???

We’ll probably need to see the project, but I’m guessing you have an override on page 1. Is there a red triangle in the upper corner?


Remove the override and it likely will work, but if not, post a cutdown version of the project and someone will be able to sleuth it out.

Where do I find that?

Senses Working.dorico (795.8 KB)

Got it, les the page was locked :+1:

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How can I edit the grids as the fingering is all wrong? - Double clicking doesn’t open them?

Here’s a link to the Help documentation for the chord diagrams. That’s a feature I’ve literally never used, so I’m afraid I’m probably not much help with it.

Thanks :+1:

Actually, it’s not working correctly, if I edit a chord it adds it to the grids so im getting repetitive grids…a real shame as I was hoping it would solve a few problems but it just adds to them :frowning:

Once you have edited a diagram, right-click and choose:
Chord symbols and diagrams → Copy shape to matching chord symbols
This has to be done in the score, not with the diagrams in the page heading.
This will get rid of your repeated diagrams at the start of the flow.