Chords - Cant find this in manual

Does Cubase display chord names anywhere?

Used logic years ago and it did this, have read somewhere cubase names chords if you lassoo the notes but cant find where I read it or how to do it

Can Cubase do it in realtime as played in?

When your in the key or score editors the chords are displayed when the song position pointer scrolls across the notes. Since I’m not a professional keyboard player I haven’t got a clue if you record in those editors, the chords are displayed in realtime. I think that it would though.

Though you have to show the Status Line using the Window Layout Button or the “Inline: View Layout” command (Shift-F2 is it’s default)

Chords are displayed as you play them if you are recording, otherwise it shows on playback.


it does it when you roll over the notes with the marker (after you enable the status line)

doesn’t seem to do it in realtime though

You can highlight chords (notes) in the Score editor and then under the Scores menu head for “Make Chords”. Chord symbols will be placed above the score notation.

Right, the playback cursor and playback mode gets you the chord name. Doesn’t do what in realtime? If you mean show chords while you are playing something in, true, but during recording it does. (though it’s graphically weird)