Chords in Different Voices Question

So, Everytime, I make a chord in Voice 1, and input a note in the same rhythmic position, I am left with this result

I need the “E” to be at the right side of the chord, with its stem and the chord’s stem being back to back but not touching. How do I do it?

I have tried tweaking engraving options to get the positioning the way I want it, and this is what I get

Now the Slur is tied to the E for some reason, and does not link with the note.

How do I make the default position to be what I described above? I need that to be the default position of such a situation, and it’s really frustrating when it isn’t.

If you swap the voice order (select all the notes, right click, voices. swap voice order), you’ll get this.
Voice order.png
Your original positioning has a slur already attached to the E, so I’m not quite sure what you mean when, having changed things, it’s “now tied to the E”. Could you post the previous bar as well?

There are options on the Voices page of Notation Options to change the approach to ordering pairs of voices. Dorico defaults to head-to-head because it generally provides a more compact and readable result, but if you really want to produce stem-to-stem results by default, you can certainly do this in Notation Options.