Chords in one custom Layout shown only possible?

I have a Voice Player with lyrics that appears in 2 different custom layouts; one for voice and orchestra and one for voice and guitar. I would like to show chord symbols ONLY in the Voice and Guitar Custom Layout, NOT in the Voice and Orchestra Custom Layout, but it seems to be all or nothing. Is this possible?

You can only do it by hiding the chord symbols manually, though that is quick: you can use Select More to select them all, then hide them via Properties.

Do you want the chord symbols in the Voice and Guitar layout to appear above the voice? If so, you could use the relevant Layout Option and leave chord symbols turned off within Setup mode.

I don’t understand your instruction, Leo. Turning them off (so you mean Hide?) hides them in every layout. The weird thing is that in another version of this song, I was able to do this. The voice and Guitar Layout shows the symbols, the Voice and Ensemble Layout does not. But I have no idea how I did this.

Thanks Daniel, this worked.