Chords in 'Status Bar Summary' ambiguity

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The little new UI in the bottom left corner is quite useful, but the recognised chords had me confused for a good moment.

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When you have a dominant 7th chord, the chord recognition will show something like Xmaj7.
I was very confused at first, because it is clearly a dominant 7th, not major 7th.

However, when you have a major 7th chord, the implied chord will show XmajMaj7.

So now I understand that maj is for a major (vs minor), but I think it is quite confusing with regards to standard chord notation.
I think Xmaj7 means X [major 7th] to most people, and not [X major] 7th.

I would change “Xmaj7 means X [major 7th] to most people” to “…to everybody”.

“Xmajmaj7” is nonsense IMO, unless some jazz theorist wants to start name chords like “X dorian maj 7” or “X octatonic sus 4” or whatever - but I wouldn’t be surprised it there are jazz theorists who like that sort of thing :wink:

Well, it’s clearly parsing the chord into a major triad and a major seventh. In music theory class we would sometimes descriptively refer to a major 7th chord as a “major-major7th” chord. But of course that’s not the correct name for it. And the dominant seventh chord is flat out wrong.