Chords in the Key Editor


for every melody i made, i make a chord track. That helps so much. So when i make the bassline or the strings i can look and see wich chord i used. And this without to go in the key-editor of the melodie and sometimes it’s not easy if you have a lead melodie over 3 or more octaves.

As well it is not the easyest way to copy the melodie into the other track and mute it, to have the posibility to look very fast which chord you have. And then wich note you can use for the bass.

So now comes my idear:
I think it would make it much faster an easyer to work, if the assigend chords of the chordtrack will be shown on top of the key-editor.

For example i have made a screenshoot, which better shows my idear.





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hmm so when you select ‘make chords’ from a midi part that’s monophonic (‘melody’), how does the chord track interpret the quality of the chord if all the info it has is one voice? (just curious, not in front of cubase now to check.)

You’re assuming he’s using a midi part to generate the chord track. I bet macier does it like I do and hand enters the chords on the Chord Track, perhaps even before writing the melody.

Oh and if you are using a midi part to generate the Chord Track if there aren’t at least 3 notes it won’t see it as a chord and won’t put anything in the chord track. However if you set the option to look for arpeggios those 3 notes don’t need to occur at the same time.

I hope for this since the introduction of chord track !

Great topic and I also would like to have the chords visable in the score editor when you want it,
Maybe it is in 8 , I still have 7.5

Go to Scores/Advanced Layout and select Show Chord Track.


I came here to finally ask this very question on the forums and have been hoping for this feature since the chord track was introduced. I would particularly like this feature for VariAudio when editing multiple parts. It would make life so much easier instead of looking back and forth where the cursor is. I have set up macros and zoom features to try to line things up the best I can but not nearly as nice as if it was just there at the top like the score “Show Chord Track” function is.

For the key editor I use “Edit in Place” (command/control+shift+I) and put the chord track above whatever MIDI track I am working with. Attached is a screenshot of it, not a solution but might help someone for the time being. It would be awesome if VariAudio could have Edit In-Place like MIDI. Fingures crossed they add those capiblities! Thanks Cubendo for what you can already do.
Chord Track.jpg



for now, you could drag and drop the chord track objects onto an empty midi part, which creates new midi parts containing the respective chords; and then have that part displayed together with the part you are editing as reference. not ideal by far as it doesn’t reflect any ex-post changes to the chord track, but until this gets implemented… maybe give it a try?

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Nice !

You are right not ideal but that is pretty helpful and a time saver, thank you smarty pants! I was very much hoping this would be added in Cubase 11. So close with the global tracks in the separate MIDI editor. Hopefully they carry that forward to VariAudio and we’ll be all set!

I guess this wish came true for Macier though, interesting it is not in the docked editor since they have different zoom states.