Chords input Bug

I just upgraded Dorico from version 1 to version 3.I suspect it’s a BUG, but when I type “C7” Dorico writes CMaj7.
And I’m not able to write charts because the chords don’t respond to the correct input

Did you take a look at the chord symbols page of Engraving Options? There are loads of options.

Hi torcuato!
I would check the Chord quality options in Engraving options>Chords
Mine is like that and my C7 chords display as I want them :wink:

I don’t think it’s a bug per se, as I guess it’s working as designed, but it is a pretty bad design decision and a terrible setting if that’s the default IMO. You cannot currently have triads show up as Cmaj and still be able to have a normal C7 mixolydian chord. The engraving options in the box that Marc posted are essentially worthless as the only option that makes any practical sense is the “None” selection that he has highlighted. Otherwise it’s impossible to have a C7 chord.

That’s not the default!!

Oops, cross posted as I was editing my post to say “if that’s the default.”

IIRC, my setting is the default.

i Got to return to Defoult and its thats returning to my pre config!
Thank guys!

I was one of the first criticals of the previus versions of Dorico, because i couldent switch from my sibelius because dorico has the lack of many functions.
Now Dorico 3 its becoming step by step my number one score software.
Version 3 its realy incredible.
I am trying to learn many of the adds.
The only important function i am waiting its import audio file to get do my arrangers listening a previous base i recorded.I am doing it ataching a audio to a video file.

Well, right now it’s the only way to work with an audio file. You should find that it works reliably.
And about the defaults, if you press the alt key, you’ll notice that the buttons at the bottom of every option window change. There is a “reset to factory” that appears (instead of Reset to saved defaults). That one should hopefully bring you back to the state where my option about chord quality would be the same as yours, but beware : it will reset ALL the options, so it might not be a safe route to follow, unless you really know it is what you want to do.