Chords instrument VST assignment is too sticky

The Chords VST instrument sticks to its channel even when new players are added, which changes the sample playback of Chords by overwriting the program slot, when it should not.
I didn’t try to reproduce but I assume it is always reproducible.

Create solo project. Add some music with Chords.
Play>enable the Chord instrument. Assign it to a channel (is it supposed to automatically assign itself?..well it didn’t…I don’t think?), i.e. pick Ch.2.
HALion Sonic> Choose instrument program for the Chords slot Ch.2., ex. Piano.
Verify playback is fine, ex. Chords plays with Piano.

Setup>Add Ensemble, populate lots of instruments.
Verify channel assignments, the Chords instrument is still Port 1 Ch.2, but that instrument is now overwritten by the Ensemble instruments.
Playback now has Chords playing with different instrument (not Piano as before).

Additionally since it seems Add Ensemble was destructive in overwriting the VST program in Ch.2, any customization I made to the VST Program (i.e. the channel slot) such as effects, etc, may or may not be destroyed, or maybe they would remain on the new Ensemble instrument’s Program when they should not be…

Maybe the Chords instrument should default to being on a unique Port (isn’t that how the Metronome instrument works?) or create a new Port when Chords is first enabled, or something?

The behavior gets stranger, because Chords does not want to maintain any other Channel assignment, i.e. picking a new number for Ch. in the Track Inspector, seems like it works, but then clicking the “e” it always goes back to Ch.2. Although, the new VST instance assignment does maintain it’s assignment. After much clicking around and seeing the Ch. (and assignments revert to previous values, it now seems to be holding the new assignment. It is very strange.

Dorico does not automatically assign a sound to the chords track in Play mode. You have to do this yourself, as Dorico doesn’t (at the moment, anyway) provide any means of specifying what instrument the chords track should be played by (either an existing instrument in the project, or a “new” dummy instrument of a particular kind). As such, it relies upon you setting up a mapping manually. My advice would be to use an extra instance of whatever plug-in you want to use, rather than grabbing the next available channel in one of the existing plug-ins that Dorico is managing via the playback template.


Ok. But it took a dozen tries to get the desired Port/Ch to stay assigned, as they mysteriously kept reverting back to original values. Something is going on there.

Related yet slightly different topic, for the Chords instrument in the Mixer, what name is assigned? The channel strip should be named “Chords” but it is not. It seems to get the Mixer strip name from elsewhere, perhaps the instrument being used or the VST being used; but, if/when the instrument changes, the Mixer strip name does not follow the change. This mixer strip name is important as the volume of the chords usually needs some adjustment at various times, so the strip should be obvious.

To hear chords, one has to turn the chord’s track on and then assign it a VST and channel into which the composer/arranger assigns an instrument sound manually.

One can assign an existing VST & sound or create a separate VST and sound.

You completely missed the point(s).

Then perhaps you could explain further.

Indeed, the outputs in the Mixer take their names from the instrument assigned to them, but because the chords track isn’t itself an instrument, that mechanism to provide the output name won’t pick it up. I’ve made a note of this, so at some point in the future we’ll take a look at trying to name the output in the Mixer where we assume the chords are routed. (There’s actually no guarantee that any of the outputs are named correctly: Dorico has to assume that the outputs are mapped one to one with the corresponding channel, though it’s not guaranteed that this is the case.)

You can of course rename the outputs yourself, so once you’ve identified the output used for the chords track, you can rename it.

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