Chords not aligned with tracks and midi output device issue

I´ve installed the update ( but there are things that I dont understand or are they bugs?
1- When adding a midi track in the output device I´m allowed to set the intrument but I cant set the audio output and don´t see the fader in Mixer. How can I route the track?
2- Adding chords in Chord view do not match with what is shown in Tracks view (see screenshot) different chords and in another position.


Ok I figured out point 1: I can open “e” on the song track in the mixer, then select the corresponding midi track and assign it to a new group, then I can see it´s own fader in Mixer view.

don´t know why we can´t see all track´s faders in Mixer by default…

… can you please send me your project (private message)?

… to keep the live tool simple.

See you,

the simple thing is to see all tracks by default, like any other Daw o vst host, and no need to extra clicks to see them, if someone wants a “cleaner” Mixer he has the visibility options…
With the actual settings the lower zone Mixer can´t show all tracks.

do you need just the project file or the whole project folder?

I just need the “myproject.vlprj” and the chords folder (next to the project file).

… right. We’ll add the “e” button to the “song” channel, too.

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