Chords Symbol for thirdless add 2 chords

It looks like there is no chord symbol in Dorico for 2 chords - as in root, second, and fifth. This is a common chord and i’ve seen it notated in scores from multiple well known jazz arrangers. The symbol for a C chord of this nature would just be C2 . Is there a way to add this symbol to Dorico or am I missing something?

The popover syntax is Csus2 and then there’s an Engraving Option to have it show as C2.


Those chords are called suspended chords, notated sus2.
With “add2” it means you add the 2nd to the Major or minor chord, skipping a 7th, a Cadd2/Cadd9 for instance would have the notes C E G D, whereas a C9 would have C E G Bb D.
C D G is Csus2, not Cadd2

thx this is the answer i was looking for. It doesn’t function like a suspended chord so I don’t think of 2 chords in that way but makes sense for labeling purposes I suppose.

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