Chords Symbols Broken/Missing Characters in Dorico 3

Hello! I just installed Dorico 3 and thought I’d take the guitar tab notation for a spin around the block. It’s working great so far. But when I started adding chord symbols, I noticed that they’re missing characters! Specifically, any sharps, flats, and slash marks seem to be gone, and I also think the spacing is off on some of them. I didn’t see anything in the forums about this yet.

It’s definitely a font issue. Chords look fine in Petaluma but broken in Bravura. Also, chords are now broken in Dorico 2 in the same way. I wonder if the installer gave me a bad version of whatever font those symbols are supposed to be in?

Did a little more research; my version of Bravura Text has zero characters in it (this is where the sharps and flats come from, I think):

Academico, which I think provides the slash, does have characters, including a fraction solidus, but I don’t know if that’s the character it’s trying to use.

Problem fixed! I reinstalled the application and the fonts now have characters in them. All is well.

The answer you would have been given, had any of the usual people been awake, was “restart your computer” :wink: