Chords to MIDI assigns Voices to Note?


Re: Chords to MIDI:

I noticed this some time about and finally remembering time to ask.

When using “Chords to MIDI,” the chords placed on the Track have SATB Voices assigned to the notes. It wasn’t like this in previous versions, as I recall? This creates complications when editing the pitches.

To Remove the Voice Assignments, I select all notes on the track and remove the SATB assignments by slecting “-” (none) from the Voices Info Line Menu.

I don’t see any preferences for this (Ver Pro 10.0.6). Am I missing a setting? It seems more natural that Voices not be assigned automatically when using Chords to MIDI. If I want to assign voices, I’ll do that after creating the part.

Also, I think the same occurs when chords are dragged from Chord Track to an Instrument/MIDI Track. (Need to double check that).

Have you observed this? This situation adds a necessary correction step to using the great feature Chords to MIDI is.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You accidentally posted this twice

Modes – sorry about the double post. Please delete this one as Rodger took the question in the post he references.

Sorry, thanks. :slight_smile: