Chords to MIDI assigns Voices to Notes?


Re: Chords to MIDI:

I noticed this some time ago – finally remembering to ask.

When using “Chords to MIDI,” the chords placed on the Track have SATB Voices assigned to the notes. It wasn’t like this in previous versions, as I recall? This creates complications when editing the pitches.

To Remove the Voice Assignments, I select all notes on the track and remove the SATB assignments by slecting “-” (none) from the Voices Info Line Menu.

I don’t see any preferences for this (Ver Pro 10.0.6). Am I missing a setting? It seems more natural that Voices not be assigned automatically when using Chords to MIDI. If I want to assign voices, I’ll do that after creating the part.

Also, I think the same occurs when chords are dragged from Chord Track to an Instrument/MIDI Track. (Need to double check that).

Have you observed this? This situation adds a necessary correction step to using the great feature Chords to MIDI is.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I never even noticed “Chords to MIDI” before (thanks) and have always dragged Chord Track Events onto an Instrument Track. Just tested and dragging does not assign Voices to the Notes. But you are right “Chords to MIDI” does assign Voices. Perhaps there is a Preference for this (don’t look at me I just learned about the function), but if I were gonna bet on it… :unamused:

A workaround would be to create a Macro that executes “Chords to MIDI” followed by an LE Preset to remove any Voice assignments. Or for us lazy folks, ignore the Voices (just like the ones in my head?).

I love the Chords to MIDI function (why was it removed from Right Click? The ancient lament.), but I don’t see any preference for this. I’ll see about creating a Logical Editor Preset/Macro for it. The thing is, when Voices are assigned, the Part doesn’t edit “normally”…Notes won’t transpose in Key Editor… I really don’t yet understand how SATB voice functions work in Cubase. I’ll have to do a learning project on them.

Anyway, I’ll look at this further and post a Feature Request with a screen shot when time permits.

Lastly, I see you’ve posted some of your music! I’ll be sure to listen to/purchase some. Congrats!

Thanks, Roger.

OK, I got this sorted out. What happens is that when the MIDI gets added to the Track it also, in the Track’s Inspector Chords Tab, sets it to Follow the Chord Track Voicings. Turn that off and you can transpose freely. But still it is an extra step, although probably a PLE Preset can do that for you. Also I couldn’t change a Note’s Voice setting in the Key Ed until I turned this off.

So a Macro like this should work

  1. Chords to MIDI
  2. PLE to turn off following Chord Track
  3. LE to clear the Note’s Voice setting

Yeah, the intention of the Voicing setting is mysterious. You’d think the Score Editor would use it for voicings but instead it uses MIDI Channel numbers to differentiate lines in the score. I think if in the Score Ed if you change from using a split point between the Staves to using the Polyphony/Ch# that will also assign Voices.

One plus, in the Key Ed if you color your notes by Voices it makes it easier to see the voice leading.

I follow. That is odd, no? I have no idea how Cubase is coded, so there’s perhaps some valid reason. I’d prefer that default was “do not set to Follow chord track when using Chords to Midi.”

Thanks for the path to a macro to eliminate the extra steps. It isn’t a huge need, but you’ve provided a better way to understand it.

I can’t believe you never used that function? I read right past that in the first post. I was shocked! :-; “He never used that?” I didn’t use it until I just started using it. I think it’s fast, even with the Voices/Follow thing. I find it easier than dragging. I assigned it to pad on my controller, via Generic Remote. If I want to fill some tracks with chords it’s fast to use Chords to MIDI. I’m still sad they removed it from the Right Click, but I don’t do Chords to MIDI via menus anyway., so…

Thanks, again, for clearing up what’s going on here. I had noticed that the track defaults to “Follow” but I was running in circles on this. I think you nailed it. I don’t know of it’s a “bug” or just an odd, but needed default behavior. There may be good reasons it does this that I don’t understand – or not. :slight_smile: I don’t think it should do that, or, even better (I hate that word now :wink: ), it should be a choice in Preferences.

Take care.

I think when the Chord Track was introduced I tried dragging them onto an Instrument Track and when that worked I just kept using that and never looked for alternatives. Dragging creates a new MIDI Part for each Chord where the function makes one Part for all the Chords which is nice.

That’s natural. I like working that way, too. It’s fast. I’ll open up a new midi track in the middle of a project, drag the chord track down and start dragging in chords. sometimes I split the screen but I like moving the chord track up or down as needed.

I wish there was a way “call” a track, like Marker, Chord or Arranger. You’d right-click and select “call chord track” and the chord track would move to, say, one track above the selected track. Then you could do “un-call” and it would go back to it’s usual place. I keep all the “business tracks” – Marker, Arranger, Time Sig, Tempo all the top of the project.

I realize this is way off topic now, but do you have any ideas about that? A Macor would would move the chord track to one track above the selected track and then undo that and put it back.

Anyway, way off topic. Thanks for figuring out what’s going on with the voices. It’s an easy work around and I’m glad it’s not a problem with just my system.

Well we are the only folks on this thread, so we decide what is & isn’t off-topic :laughing:

I used the split window for ages but dropped it a few years ago from my Templates. Partly because I begrudged it the bit of vertical space it took up. But mostly because I found it preferable to just drag the Tracks up & down. When I read your idea I immediately started poking around on it. Couldn’t find any Key Command or PLE setting that would even let you move a Track up or down at all. Would be useful though.

Thanks for checking that. Too bad there’s no way to do it.

What I’d like is for Chord Track, for example, to move with Track Selection in the Project Window so as to always be immediately above the selected track. Ideal would be to allow us to pick what tracks move with the selected track. I see it being most useful for the “business tracks” (Marker, Arranger, Chord, Tempo, Signature) to be able to be “attached” to the cursor and move with Track Selection in the Project Window, but it could be useful for musical tasks as well.

Attach two or more tracks, edit/record, then “undo” the link, and the tracks return to original positions in the project…There has to be a way to “unattach” as well.

Maybe I’ll turn this into a feature request and drop it into the cauldron and something may one day cook up. :slight_smile:

I’d give it a +1