Chords track limited of chords?

Where are my Add9, 11 and 13 ?

Also it would be nice to have two new buttons for b and #. This way we could enter Db. As of now only C# is possible.

It’s simplified. 9 is 2, 11 is 4 etc. And yes, we should have b and # buttons, good point!

Oh and we need a sus4 button as well. Currently it is not possible to enter Fsus4 or Bbsus4 for instance.

these buttons are absurd for UI - I want to be able to type Gm and get a Gm. This interface is horrible.

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Unselect “Short” and sus2 and sus4 are available, no?

Oh Yes they are. I haven’t noticed since Short is activated by default. Would be nice to have these buttons available at all time,but yes they are there when unselecting short first. My bad.

v 1.0.30 features a #/b switch.


Thanks for this quick fix. It is appreciated.