Chordsymbols in Dorico 5

It´s very frustrating when I try to write C#dim and I always get the result C#m(b) it´s not the same chord. I read that I can change it in Engrave mode, but can´t figure out how?

Go to Engraving Options (not engrave mode) > Chord Symbols > Chord Quality
and after major and minor triads, you’ll find options for diminished triads.

If you (or anyone else reading this thread) have Dorico Elements instead of Dorico Pro, these options are accessible in a different dialog, as Elements doesn’t have Engraving Options: go to Library > Chord Symbols instead.

Thank you for help. That worked perfect, wish that “Dorico manual” menu worked a little bit easier. Lot´s of time wasted to search in helpmanual without result. So easy when I know how :slight_smile:

What did you search in the manual, how did you phrase your question / terms? It would be helpful to know so I can make it easier for the relevant pages to come up for future users looking for the same thing.

Edit: Ha, fun times – in order to cover lots of bases, I’d already added keywords for the various chord symbol components (which is why searching the manual just for “dim” brings up this page as the 2nd result) but C#dim brings up nothing. Adding a list of keywords containing every possible chord symbol might be a bit overkill, but perhaps some of the more common ones that come up would be handy.

If in doubt when searching the manual: if a very specific search hasn’t brought up relevant results (like “make C#m(b) look like C#dim”) try stepping back and searching for a more general way of describing the context, like “chord symbol appearance”.

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And like Dorico itself, the documentation is a sophisticated program one also has to learn to use to become more proficient. The more one uses it (and helps Lillie to improve it) the easier using the documentation becomes.