Chorus effect doesn't store waveshape setting

Hello all,

When using chorus as an insert effect, the waveshape setting is not conserved. Specifically, the default is triangular shape. If I set it to sinusoidal shape, when I open the project again it’s back to triangular. The attached figure clarifies which setting I’m referring to.

This happens in Windows 10, Cubase Elements 10.0.40, which is the lastest version for Windows. (I think I also noticed it in previous versions, but I don’t have specific numbers for those).

Can someone test and confirm? Any plans to correct this bug?


I can confirm this. Reported to Steinberg CAN-26848.

Thank you!

BTW, what’s the official way to report to Steinberg? I thought it was this subforum


The fix will be part of the next Cubase 10.5 maintenance update.

Does it mean that Cubase 10 users are stuck with the bug?

Looks like the problem is that the plugin loads with Sine as default but ‘Displays’ Triangular, so the first swap you do actually isn’t a change so reloads as Triangular each time. After the initial change it seems to work fine though if you flick it a few times.

I saved a project with duplicate tracks and the Plugin set to Triangular on one track, and Sine on the other and it’s fine when re-opening they are both on different shapes.

So as a workaround, click it a few times to register the change.

Thanks for your response. Your help is greatly appreciated!

I have tried what you say. I have version 10.0.60, and I get a slightly different result. If I swap from sine to triangular several times and then save, when I load the project the actual sound is the same as was saved (either sine or triangular), but the display always shows triangular.

To notice the actual effect that’s being applied it is useful to set the “mix” knob to 100% and the “rate” high, so the chorus becomes fast vibrato and you can easily tell if the waveform is sine (smooth pitch variations) or triangular (pitch jumps)

So, it seems to be a problem with the displayed option, not with the actual applied effect .

Which version are you using? Can you check to see if you get the same behaviour as I do?