Chose which instruments to play back

The new update looks really amazing and I’m really looking forward to being able to start working with Dorico. Now, I’m only missing two important features to be able to make the switch from Sibelius to Dorico. I know I’ve discussed these topics before, but with the new update I’d like to know what the forecast looks like?

  1. Easy selection of which instrument/instruments to play back. I’ve tried creating different score layouts but that ended up in a total chaos of scores. It becomes very impractical if you have to create a new layout for every possible instrument combination you want to listen to. Soloing/muting in the mixer is time consuming and adversely affects the workflow and not an option.

  2. “Big band drum set layout” (se attached pic.) I’ve managed to create a similar looking part in Dorico with some workarounds (except the one bar repeat…).

    I guess these are version 2.x features, but are these features on some sort of priority list or when can one expect to see them implemented? To me #1 is the most important, I can’t work with Dorico before this is implemented.

Best wishes
/ Mats

I can’t make any promises, but I expect both of these areas to be pretty high in our priorities for our next major update.

Oki, sounds great Daniel! Thanx! :slight_smile:

Relatedly - perhaps this is the same question - is there a way to only play the notes of the current selection? (i.e. Not to hear other instrumental lines at the same time.)

It is indeed the same question, Michael, and I’m afraid the answer is therefore also the same. We know this is a very important issue for lots of users.

Gret news! I miss totaly in Dorico a simple way to select instrument and play them back while arranging. In the same way would be gret if I could choose temporary a cusdom tempo to check my score for some mistakes. Gret to know you are considering to implement such functionlity😊

A minor irony is that this playback behavior initially annoyed me in Sibelius, but I adopted it into my workflow and now I miss it. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the next iteration!

Is there a way to force all of the individual drum set instruments to use the VSTi and channel specified in the general Drum Set instrument?

No, not at the moment: you do have to assign each one manually. We will improve this in future.

I was wondering if Dorico Can have a custom sound set created just like Sibelius uses for the Yamaha tyros line of a Arranger keyboards. My Tyros 5 Works beautifully in. Cubase Pro 9.5 Which includes a configuration for that external keyboard

Yes, in future it would be possible to provide a list of presets for the Tyros and to map those presets onto the instruments that you create in your Dorico project, but it’s not possible just yet.

It’s true that this is quite annoying, so I’ve just fixed this so that changing the routing of the parent kit instrument will set it for all the kit components. This will be in the next version.

You, and the whole Team, are the best!

Thank you!!