Chris ? any news 6.1

Hello Chris,

Any news about Cubase 6.1 update date ?

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It will not take long anymore. End of Nov, start of Dec when everything goes well. It will be a 6.0.x maintenance release and not a 6.x



Very good - will that include a fix for the VST Bridge on Mac 10.7 Lion?

It does say on the Lion compatibility page that it will be resolved in a future update. At this point, I’m putting more faith in Steinberg than UAD, Waves etc


Hi, davidwhearn, what’s wrong with UAD?

Aloha d,

AFAIK without ‘Rosetta’ the bridge will never work with 10.7
and Lion will not run Rosetta.

End of an era.
Time to put all that 32bit/PPC stuff back on the shelf.

Will it contain some lovin’ for the MIDI lane editing disaster?

Not just MIDI lanes… it’s AUDIO lanes as well…

I can’t figure out why the new “default” with slicing is make one cut, and it cuts EVERY SINGLE LANE. There might be an occasion I would want that to happen - maybe 20% of the time - but to have it for the default?? It drives me crazy. Also, I hate the new “one” click mute and unmute thing that happens. I would prefer to do all of this manually with the mute tool - just like on normal events. The new system is very frustrating. I do not like it AT ALL.

Anyway, I am hopeful about the new update, so Steinberg, thank you for these maintenance updates… Please address this issue though. PLEASE.

Chris - will this next update address the issue described in the following thread?:


I know it’s technically more than maintenance, but desperate for cut and paste on Quick Controls too. Currently setting up a template using them is torture.

[quote="Johnny Z
Chris - will this next update address the issue described in the following thread?:


OK, just read the post on the upcoming 6.05 update and it looks like item #2 does indeed address the issue I raised - YEA!! (at least I hope that is a correct assumption).


I totally agree with you; i can’t work with cubase 6 because of that (and i’ve paid the update for 2 licenses)… it drives me crazy… so i stay with 5.5 for the moment; i’m considering changing for another DAW;
i want the old lane system back please !!!