Chris Hein libraries and combability with dorico?

So now since it’s BF-season and all, I’m thinking in about investing in a good cello library, and the Chris hein Solo Cello seems like an excellent buy and product. But before I’m investing in it, I’d like to know how compatible it is to work with dorico, and if there’s any pre-made expression maps for it?
Since I mainly work in Dorico as my first choice, it’s pretty important that the library is suitable for the software notation enviroment with dynamics, articulations, etc.

Does anyone here have any knowledge or experience with CH-products and combability in dorico?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t recall seeing any discussion about the Chris Hein string libraries here, and as far as I know nobody has yet created any expression maps or playback templates (or at least none that they have chosen to share).

well, I just bought it - and absolutely love it, if i ever make an expression map for it to work with dorico I might share if that’s something people would appreciate. :slight_smile: