Christian country song

At 3:13, this might be the shortest piece I’ve written.
The electric guitars were both played through miked amplifiers, no Amplitube on this one. The bass was one direct track through Ampeg SVX.

This is a great little track - it put a smile on my face :smiley: I am not as experienced with these mixed instruments but there didn’t seem to be any outstanding issues music-wise. In my opinion, the drums could maybe use a bit more variation (longer transitions and a bit of general switchups?); but the guitars and bass sounded great. In general a very well rounded track - with some great simple lyrics :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening. I was trying to keep the drums stylistically authentic as possible (alas I’m not a country fan really). On a previous country track I did, I put in much fancier fills and someone pointed out that in this kind of style, a drummer typically keeps one groove going through the song. But maybe I’ll substitute a slightly busier drum groove in the guitar solo. Replacing and adjusting drums after the fact - the benefit of using EZ Drummer.

This is a fun song, I liked it and I’m not religious at all. Really liked the solo and the spread on the vocals in the chorus. Sounds like you have some slight timing issues at the very beginning with the rhythm guitar . Not locked n like the groove after the solo. Song put a smile on my face, glad I listened

agree with Mr M…fun song and a nice listen…liked the harmonies a lot, reminded me of Crosby Stills and Nash…kevin