Christmas has gone but Christams tree lights with H7 and GA still persist . URGENT FIX required

Come on Steinberg ,you know what’s got to be done , this is NOT acceptable , unusable tools that WERE my workflow for years now … defunked . If it’s a 3 month wait you will loose me as a customer as stated before .

As you can see in the clip Fabfliter Twin 3 works perfect , the only 3 vsti’s to do this are H7 /GA5 and backbone which tells me your Media bay is naff .

How longs C13 been out ? is it going to be the case of wait until just before C14 is released for all these MAJOR in house issues are sorted yet again ?

If you give me any GENERIC graphic card setup messages i won’t even bother replying

They’re working on it. They’ve said they’re working on this general issue, more than once. How many times are you going to keep hammering them about it in how many threads? They have acknowledged this multiple times. I am 100% positive they are not happy about it either. And I do agree with you, general graphics glitches like this need to be fixed ASAP, it should be their #1 priority right now, and it must be really frustrating to them too (and probably embarrassing) that they released the software with these issues. It’s very unfortunate, and we all should NOT have to deal with this.

But cut them some slack, let them be human beings and figure it out. And yes, they shouldn’t have released it this way. Yes, yes, yes. Obviously they missed it, and I’m sure plenty of internal emails around Steinberg HQ have been written about this and no one at Steinberg is happy about it. But I really think they get the point, they know the score, they definitely know how you feel with all your posts. Just let them deal with it. It takes time.

Carry on and have a nice day.

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Well, with the amount of Issues C13 has graphical wise which they know about , this happens to be about timing , not whether they will or won’t, it’s about having to wait till the end of life of C13 for everything to run properly and then they dangle another carrot to make you think of updating again . THATS my point . And soooo as Cubase addicts the cycle continues BUT …

Happy New year Gandolf/ess/them :wink: :smile: :+1: :upside_down_face: