Chromaphone VST causes strange glitches in cubase 11

Hi there

I have a strange problem happening only with Chromaphone 3 Plugin, every time I load it, I get odd glitches in Cubase. I click on the Chromaphone track, and it goes by itself to a different track. even after I delete the Chromaphone track, the glitches remain in Cubase. this plug totally drives the software crazy.
I’m attaching a video to demonstrate the problem.
Using windows 10

Is anyone familiar with that problem? help me solve it.

Tnx, Tal


I don’t know the plug-in. But to me it looks like some Remote Command have been sent out. You are using any Remote device. Do you use MIDI Remote API? Is it a factory script or own? Or do you use Mackie Control? Is the MIDI connection done properly?

Yes! I think you were right.
I have a Nektar lx25 controller, I deleted the driver that controls Cubase, and meanwhile seems that the problem is solved, no weird glitches.
thanks alot!