Chromatic scale with Groove Agent One & the Drum Editor


I am creating a chromatic scale that goes down, with a bass drum sample. I am using Groove Agent One to which I loaded the bass drum sample that I spanned across the whole keyboard (for the chromatic scale purpose). I am able to draw easily the notes in the key editor, and my chromatic scale turns out to be what I expected, but just to learn new features of Cubase, I’d like to use the drum editor, as the bass drum is part of the drum kit, after all :sunglasses:

I’m able to configure the drum kit in Groove Agent One, and to add the notes with the drum editor, but when it comes to sending pitch controller info to Groove Agent One, things get a bit complicated, as there is only one knob for this purpose called “Coarse tune”, ranging only from -12…+12, which is rather limited in my case. And Groove Agent One doesn’t respond to pitchbend data :unamused:

I feel that the drum editor and Groove Agent One are great for simple/familiar use of drum kits, but when it comes to varying parameters such as pitch on only one drum kit instrument (e.g. bass drum), you’re better off sticking to the key editor with one instrument track per drum kit instrument. That way, you benefit from the powerful features of the key editor, and the track list with automation (arguably more flexible than the controller lanes). Or maybe I’m missing something? Please let me know! :wink: