Chrome Remote Desktop-app

New for IOS : Chrome Remote Desktop-app.

Installed the Chrome Remote Desktop-app (IOS) on my iPad.

It presents you with a copy of the screen, so there’s nothing to learn :smiley:



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Please take a look at this app, and find out what it can do.

All your IC Pro troubles are over. For free! :smiley:

Chrome Remote Desktop presents your desktop Cubase screen
on your iPad with all functionality.

OK, I’ve had a look at the Android version using my Nexus-7, but it does not work properly.

It does display Nuendo but can not control it properly - Occasionally, touching various parts of the Nuendo screen on the Android does cause the Project Settings window to open, but mostly nothing happens.

Completely useless in my opinion.

It works great on my iPad.
Touch sensitivity can be a little off on the Nexus 7.
I don’t think the app is useless.