Chuck - RIP

I was saddened to learn of his passing this weekend. Truly a father of Rock and Roll…

He was amazing. RIP Chuck.



If there is Heaven (which I highly doubt), they finally are having a real rock’n’roll party up there.

RIP Chuck…

Damn it, he was one of my heroes… great musician, great guy.

Did you know that Carl Sagan sent his music to the stars and wrote him a nice letter about it? :neutral_face:

(I should smile about that but can’t, in the face of the death of someone who enriched my life as well.)

Biology sometimes is an entity of bad character (SFW speaking). Taking even the best of us.

What a life! Rock and Roll will never die and. in many ways, Rock and Roll is Chuck Berry and vice versa.

clip keith richards and chuck berry- fabulous