CI 1 and Ableton Live

I just bought CI1 and i´m using Ableton Live. When ever I create an Audio-device and hit “in”, the channel goes beserk with noise.
I tried bringing the latency to a 356 level…and then at least I´m no longer in the redzone - but responding in the green area - however it sounds absolutly terrible - very distorted!

When I turn down the signal from the input in Live to my phones - as in away from DAW, I can hear myself just fine…I guess the Steinberg-hardware is ok then!?

my pc. is 4GB ram 2.1GHz…that should be sufficient as well!?

What to do? Can anyone help me?..
Thanks in advance

Check out the Ableton forum.

The interface is obviously working okay in other programs, so this is a setup problem. Most DAW users will have sufficient knowledge to help set up a simple interface such as the CI in a specific software. We just aren’t ready to be nerds yet. :ugeek: