CI 1 git5 amplitude 3 issue

everything is set up installed new computer i3 p8 m/b XP os.
will work but the guitar sound going in is not being affected by the amps and effects in the programs mentioned.
I installed the CI 1 in my old computer which has a 24/192 M-AUDIO PCI card as its asio device swithched to the CI 1
and the same problem not activating the amps or effects of Git 5 or Amplitude 3 standalone.the input and output
is the guitar sound I’m putting in the treble, bass echo is not working in the programs.I switch back to the M-Audio
everything works!
I have just got the CI 1 secondhand and at this stage I feel is a mistake!


Turn the mix knob to DAW.

I did got noise only!