CI 1 latest update issues

Hi! I have issues with the latest update for CI1. The soundcard stops playing sound (checked for both windows and daws) for 2-3 seconds randomly about once in an hour.
I didn’t have any problems with the previous version.
I use windows 7 64 bit.

This is only on playback, correct? Not during recording? I would probably report this and return to the 1.6.0 update. Many times, these updates screw up more than they fix. :mrgreen:

yeap. during playback only.
i already turned to the old version and everything’s normal again.
do i have to report it somewhere or admins will see it here on forum?

I would email it to Steinberg support,

Bane, that’s for the USA. Viqsinn is from Greece…

Viqsinn, if the problem persists, please contact Steinberg using the support request form at MySteinberg. That might be the best solution to address this issue. Thanks!

:laughing: Why didn’t he tell me that?!