CI 1 Record Computer Sound + Vocal

Hi I have a Steinberg CI1

Is it possible to record the Computer/system sound together with the voice(I plug the mic into CI1)??

I cannot find any “Stereo Mix/Wave Out/Sum” option Under the Recording Devices.

By the way, i am using a Win7 64bit system.

I would say this is possible if you were to use Audacity (free). Here is a link that could help you get started.

In the devive toolbar,you’ll want to select the CI1’s inputs.

I couldn’t find any “Stereo Mix”, “Wave Out”, “Sum”, “What U Hear” or “Loopback” for Steinberg CI 1.

Instead I could only find the Stereo Mix for my onboard RealTek Soundcard.

Does that mean the only option for me to record computer sound + voice is By connecting the Lineout from CI1 to the soundCard Line in??

Right now under the Recording Devices I have
Line In (RealTek)
Stereo Mix (RealTek)
Mic (RealTek)
Line in (SteinBerg Ci1) (Default Device)

For Playback Device I have
Speak Output (RealTek)
Digital Speaker Output (RealTek)
Line Out (SteinBerg Ci1) (Default Device)

I connect the Line Out from SteinBerg Ci1 to my speaker. My Mic is a Balanced Dynamic Mic connecting to the Channel 1 of SteinBerg.

I could hear both the Computer Sound + Vocal mixed from the line out as well as the Phono output.

What i wished to achieve is to record Both Computer Sound + Vocal together. However if I just set the recording source to “Line In (Steinberg Ci1)” It will just record the Mic/Vocal.

If i want to record Computer Sound + Vocal, I need a “Stereo Mix” or equivalent Source from “Steinberg Ci1” which i fail to find any. :frowning:

Have you tried Audacity as I suggested? This app will have the “Stereo Mix”, “Wave Out”, “Sum”, “What U Hear” or “Loopback” options. If Realtek supports these options, I would be curious to see if it works out in Audacity. I think I’ll give it a try myself pretty soon. :wink:

yes, i have tried it =)

Unfortunately it doesn’t have Stereo Mix for “Steinberg CI1” . The stereo Mix option in audacity is from “RealTek”

Which mean to hear / record from stereo mix, i must output my sound to “RealTek Sound Ouput” If i do that, I can’t hear the mixed output from the Steinberg Ci1 Lineout. (Only can Hear output from my Mic, Direct Monitor)

That doesn’t sound good. I’m not sure that it is possible to do with any interface like this. I’m guessing this will only work when you use your computer’s input and output, because you seem to have everything set up properly. If I ever get around to downloading Audacity, I’m gonna check this out, and see if I can get the connections working. Somehow I doubt it, because you definitely know what you’re doing. :wink:

I have tried this configuration

I connect the Lineout from Steinberg Ci1 to Line In of my PC realtek soundcard. I use audacity to record the “mixed” vocal + computer sound by setting the Recording source to be “Line In (RealTek)”. (This method works, but i don’t quite like it)

I have tried using VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) too. But it is not a very neat solution either.

I guess the best solution is to have Steinberg Ci1 to provide us with a driver that add “StereoMix” to the Recording Device option

It is weird that steinberg Ci1 don’t provide a “stereo mix/wave out/sum” option because most sound card does come with it.

anyway thank for your assistance and prompt reply :smiley:

I’m totally with you there. :wink: Sorry I didn’t get around to downloading Audacity to try it out, as you know it takes a while to download. However, I hope to set this up in the future for features such as this. If I find an easier setup I’ll be sure to let you know. Have a good one.


I have a simular problem with the ci2+ interface so posting question here…!

Will it create a conflict inside the interface if I just wired the Master output to one of the input channels?

Not as long as you make absolutely sure you are not creating a loop.