CI 1 Recording in Mono?

Apologies for the, perhaps, silly question. New CI1, MAC, and Behringer mike for Podcast recording. Using Garage Band and Keynote. Seems to only record in Mono (either Left when mike plugged into 1/L or right when in 2/R)?

I was using a Xenyx 502 before which became staticky (some appliance was interfering), but seemed to record on both L and R. It definitely does not sound as good now (though i. Am I missing something?

I thank you in advance.

Well you can hardly do a stereo recording from a mono mic right? :wink:

You probably mean you want the recorded signal to play over left and right simultaneously. Which I can’t help you with because I don’t know garage band nor Keynote.
Mmh, maybe I shouldn’t have posted, haven’t got much to contribute it seems :sunglasses: