CI1 "Click" Track HELP


I recently bought a CI1 interface. My band uses live samples (synthesizers, bass drops, etc.) and I was wondering how I could achieve this by having the Metronome coming out of only the headphones, and the synthesizer coming out the main output. I tried experimenting by creating:

2 Mono Bus outputs
one being the CI1 - 1® - where I plug my earphones (no synthesizers are heard)

and the other being the CI1 -2(L) - where I plug my 1/4 inch to 3.5mm adapter for the synthesizers (metronome not heard)

My only problem is that the synthesizer is only coming out of my left speaker, and the metronome from the right earphone. The drummer of my band isn’t fussy and doesn’t mind the metronome in one ear, but I’m scared that we set up at the venue and it only comes out of one side.

Briefly: I just want to know if it is possible to get the metronome running through both headphones WITHOUT hearing it with the synthesizers.



No, it’s not possible with this hardware. What you did there in your scenario is took two mono outputs, in which the metronome was essentialy panned right and the synths panned left. But you were using stereo outputs (ie headphones) to capture sound from a mono source so it pans it for you to one ear. The Phones out and the mono speaker line outs send out the same audio, they won’t display nor function as different output channels inside a software.

I assume your metronome is coming from a software application such as a DAW, correct? Certain DAW’s such as Cubase have a control room which is intended to customize headphone mixes for each individual musician.