ci1/computer beeping, freezing, clicks


I recently purchased a steinberg ci1 as my new audio interface (I was previously using a cakewalk ua-25ex that had the same problem as this, but at the time I thought it was a problem with the ua25ex).

I don’t believe there is a problem with the device. The issue is that whenever I plug in the ci1, and open any DAW (tried cubase 5, sequel and sonar 7 LE), music playing application (windows media player, spotify, itunes) or stream audio online (youtube videos etc) all I get is jittery freezing of the playback, lots of clicks and beeping and a freezing of the open program.

It is NOT normal pops and clicks associated with recording! For the first 10 minutes after installing the driver all was well, I was recording and playing back excellent quality audio with this device, then the problem occurred. After that, every time I plug in the device the same thing happens.

I have tried optimising my DAW and computer in every way possible! Disabling WLAN card, modem, graphics card, updating drivers for everything in my computer, having no other peripheral connected whatsoever, disabling automatic updates, increasing the virtual memory space on my hard drive, updating vista to SP2. Nothing seems to work.

Is my computer completely screwed, or is anyone else having this problem/can offer a solution! I’ll try just about anything now, as I said, this is not the first audio interface this has happened with.

System details:

HP Compaq 6735s laptop,
AMD Turion X2 64 processor
windows vista 32bit home premium,
4gb RAM,
250gb 5400rpm HD,

DAW - Cubase 5, Sequel 2, Sonar 7 LE
Hardware - Steinberg ci1, cakewalk ua25ex

Please someone get back to me with any idea what this could be! My computer is well above the minimum spec for both the DAW and ci1. Help!

Matt Wright

Just for the record guys, I appear to have solved the problem. My laptop has issues with audio devices plugged into usb ports for various complicated reasons, but plugging into a powered expresscard USB hub appears to have cured the problem. More money spent but definitely worth it. If anyone has the same problem and has an expresscard slot I strongly recommend this (downloading updated drivers for USB and updating BIOS did nothing for me!).