CI1 Delay problme

plz help me i have a delay when im trying to record with my guitar or my bass
its making a delay and i cant record like that

Mute the track you are recording into in your DAW software and turn the Mix knob on the CI1 to set the levels in your phones.

but if i have a drums bit and i want to record my bass with the drums that allrady recored its not be sync

Can you understand me
My English is bad. :slight_smile:

Cubase compensates for the delay, so the audio should stay in synch. It might help your understanding of this to search on “direct monitoring”. The CI series do not allow selecting this option in Cubase, but you can acheive it anyway, using the technique I described.

There is always a delay introduced passing audio into the computer, then another delay in playing it out again. That’s why you’re hearing the delay. It’s called “latency”. There are two ways to fix this. The delay time is directly related to the buffer size in the ASIO driver. Setting the buffer size to the lowest value reduces it (but does NOT eliminate it!), but can introduce pops, clicks and dropouts on a slow computer. The workaround is to turn off the playback coming from the computer on the track you are recording into, and turn up the direct sound from your interface, which is what you are doing by turning the “mix” knob.

Just thinking I should have added, you should only mute the track you are recording into, not all tracks. They should play back normally. You’ll play along with them. You’ll get a good recording even thought track is muted. You just won’t be hearing the delayed playback along with the direct, and the delay will disappear from your phones. You use the “mix” knob to balance your levels.

PS I’m sure your English is much better than my knowledge of your language. Good luck!