CI1 Download Access Code

So, feel free to call me a dumb-dumb, but after installing the software for my Steinberg CI1, I threw away the paper with the Download Access Code. I didn’t see the code on it or I wouldn’t have thrown it away. Anyway, now when I try to register online it won’t allow me because I don’t have the code. I can’t even send in a support request to ask for the code because the website won’t allow me to change my personal data distribution settings. Considering there’s absolutely no way for me to contact Steinberg, does anybody know how in the hell I can get my hands on a Download Access Code?

Why can’t you change the data forwarding settings? Could you send a mail to info [at] steinberg dot de to my attention and attach a screenshot? We’ll sort the download access code issues as well then. Thanks!


I just sent you an email. Please let me know if you do not receive it and I’ll try again.


Hi, Ed Doll, quick help here. I just bought CI1 USB Audio Interface, and basically in a nutshell. There is no Access Code, and further more there isn’t a way I could access my new recording equipment now since I can’t start up the programs because I need to register the code on my software-e license Control Center.

Please, is there some way you could personally, yourself, help me execute this problem and I could possibly get back to learning how to use this machinery. I’ve tried the many other options like phoning in, sending requests and they’ve all basically (helped me, but didn’t really because the phone directed me to the site, and the site emailed me by saying that there will be a delay due to holidays and what-not.) ignored me and now you seem like my last hope. Could I just give you my serial code and you could request a new access code for me, possibly, maybe?!

This is interesting!

I have a similar situation as I have purchased, loaded and “registered” my CI 1 on My Steinberg page, but I never had a download access number.

I still have the box with all the internal packaging as well as the manual and CD’s with their little plastic cases…and I have just searched it again but no download access code??

I’ve just been on my Steinberg and the CI 1 is registered but the screen is asking for my download access code???

Interestingly, I cant access support from the CI 1 page where as I can from my Cubase, Halion and Padshop pages so maybe it isn’t officially registered??

Anyone have the same??

Jim B

A quick update.

I contacted support through My Steinberg and within 2 days they had emailed me a code which allows me access to Wavelab & Sequel.

I am a dyed in the wool Cubase nut, but I might give them a try:)

Anyway, nice work Steinberg, great service!!

Jim B