CI1 driver issue need help

well, it goes like this:

Ive managed to delete the driver setup file from my computer, and when i try to reinstall the driver i get an error that says the driver is updated and that i cannot install an older version.

Ive also tried to remove the “remains” of the driver. but since i dont have the yamaha steinberg ci1 usb driver installed the process cannot be done.

What do i do?

I realise that i’ve put myself in this position and that ive managed a near impossible act

Sorry for the badly typed language

System Restore? :bulb:

Ive tried to restore the system, but it does not restore older than 3-4 days. I hope i dont need to format the entire drive… Thanx for reply

are you trying to install the latest driver as it will uninstall the driver before reinstalling it ?