Ci1 headphone jack problem

Hi, I’m new to audio interfaces, but I just bought the Ci1 and for the most part everything works properly. The only thing is that when I use my headphones through the headphone jack with Sequel the sound from my connected guitar is distorted and fuzzy… I’ve tried recording audio, exporting it to a .WAV file and everything sounds fine, so I think it’s a problem with the connection between my headphones and the interface. Is there any way to fix it?

Any help would be great!

Do you have some monitor speakers you could test the output on? Remember to check your mixer channels for clipping in Sequel.

If you are gaining the audio too much with the phones knob, the headphone amp could be damaged in your unit (as I suspect it is in mine.) If you turn the Phones knob down and there is no distortion, you have found your problem: the headphones. In this case, try a newer pair.

I assume you are playing the export with your CI?