CI1 not working with Skype/Ventrilo

Im not sure this is the right section to post in but here we go.

I just bought my first studio mic and CI1 soundcard. I installed everything and my PC is running with all the new windows updates aswell. I can hear myself speak when I use the ‘Sound record’ program that follows with windows but I cant use the mic on Skype or Ventrilo.

I did pick the out- and input in both programs but still it wount record any sound - The funny thing is I can listen to music using the CI1. Somehow it wount work together with Skype or Ventrilo…

Did I do something wrong??

Make sure the mic is in channel one. Many external interfaces don’t work well with Skype, because Skype doesn’t appear to scan/accept channels other than the first or second.

Confirm you setup the device correctly on both your system’s Control Panel and also any of Skype’s audio options. Always double check that your Input/DAW knob favors DAW.