CI1 phanthom power

According to the instructions when you engage the phanthom power on the CI 1 both channels are turned on. So if I wanted to use a condenser mike and a guitar at the same time could I use an external phanthom power for the mike?

So is this a DUMB question or nobody knows?

Well don’t hold me to this but here’s the way I understand it.

I would think that the phantom power addresses the XLR inputs and not the TRS. The risk of damaging anything with phantom power would still be pretty low, as I know even working dynamic mics can easily withstand the 48V of phantom power without any damage.

XLR type, balanced
+48V Phantom powered


When connecting an unbalanced device to the analog input jacks (1/4" phone type) and phantom power is turned on, hum or noise may result; this is not a malfunction or failure in the device.