CI1 problem - WMP and "clicks"

Hi. I bought my CI1, installed everything (drivers and software) and got few problems:

  1. When im playing music through Windows Media Player, every 10 - 15 sec sound get freezed and in 1-2 sec it plays again normaly. How to fix it ? In others player is ok.
  2. Everything i hear through CI1 have “pops” and “Clicks”. My own recorded music, sounds from youtube, movies, games, other music. Dunno whats wrong. I tested it with my other headphones and result is same.


What kind of computer are you using and what are the CPU processor specs? This is a frequent problem.

C2D E6600 2,6GHZ
ATI 6850 1GB
USB 2.0
Windows 7

Okay. There are several things to try; I’m sure you’ve already done some of them.

  1. I would use this to confirm your system is capable.

  2. Which driver are you using the CI with? I would update that.

  3. It’s always a good idea to try different USB ports.

  4. As a last resort, you could purchase a powered hub like the Belkin F5U237. Chances are that the CI isn’t able to attain enough power from your USB port. Most will go ahead and get one of these when they buy interfaces.

When you start testing, could we try to do most of it in a DAW? That’s more familiar territory for me, and it will be more straightforward as well. Probably Sequel LE unless you have Cubase.

  1. So im running DPC Latency Checker, and WMP through CI1:

Red blocks - music stops and i hear pops
green block - everything is OK.

  1. 'm using newest drivers from steinberg site. V1.6 i think.

  2. Im plugging ci1 into my front usb panel, tommorow i will try with rear usb panel. i just thought that same about to low power in front usb port.

So, it does recognize that your system is having problems. :slight_smile: That’s a good sign. Have you tried as it said using the device manager to disable/renable devices? I haven’t run this before, but that could be just telling you that there is a mysterious device (the CI1) that your system is having problems running. Again, this is looking like a powered hub will help the problem. You’re looking at like $20-30. The good thing is, it will probably double the power your CI is receiving from the computer. :wink:

Hopefully this helps… If I don’t disable my network card (right click on it and select ‘disable’) then all my recordings will have random clicks and pops. As soon as I disable the network interface it is perfectly clear. I can leave my wireless enabled so long as I disable my wired interface.

I would guess that this is caused by the video card. If you disable the card and use the windows video drivers this will be resolved. The downside… your onboard video card my blow and not support multiple displays or have diminished resolution.

It could be either of those. At the time of my last post, I hadn’t run this test on my system. Now that I have, I know that the CI won’t turn up as the culprit. Disabling devices (yes, like network adapters and video cards) and watching the meters is the proper procedure until the meters stop spiking red. I’m sure he’s either figured it out or moved on three to four months later. :wink: