CI1 separating inputs on OSX/Mainstage


Sorry if this is a stupid question or not possible, but I am using the CI1 with Mainstage 2 on OSX.

When I configure a song, I create a new channel strip, with has an input source of input 1-2 (which is the correct CI1 device)

I want to be able to use this live, so I have guitar in line 1, vocals in line 2 plugged into the CI1.

In Mainstage, I have an insert on channel strip 1 of Peavey Revalver for my guitar pre-amp/effects, but it applies the same effect to the mic in line 2.

Is there a way to separate the in’s as 2 separate channel strips so I don’t apply Revalver to the mic in?

Never mind,

Stupid question…Figured it out…The channel strip one was set to stereo - setting to mono and adding a second to take the 2nd input worked like a charm.