CI1 Static Noise when connected to electric guitar

Hi, I have just installed the CI1 interface on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit HP 6710b core2duo 2GB DDR2 Ram.

My setup is a Fender Jazzmaster blacktop connected to Input 1 (HI-Z on) with an unbalanced 1/4" phone cable. TS cable.

The CI1 device is outputting to my Headphones only.

Latest Steinberg drivers are installed ( as of 5/October/2013 )

Problem: When I play my guitar I can hear the music I’m playing but there is this awful crackling noise coming through the headphones and on the recording.

I have tried a different computer, I have tried different USB ports. The computer is running no other applications and is not connected to the wireless internet.

Any help would be appreciated.


asio buffer size ?

Tried a few sizes. 512, 768, 1024, 1536, 2048 all get the same problem.

Clipping the input?

Im quite new to it all, so don’t really know how to do that or check if it’s happening. Sorry.

Additional Information : When I plug my Electro-Acoustic guitar (Epiphone Hummingbird) with a preamp installed there is no noise / crackling / interference at all. Very clean and crisp. This is with HI-Z on and off!. Same input.

Additional information : When I turn the ‘Tone’ knob completely off the crackling noise goes away. Slightly turning this on the noise comes back.

If clipping, the light on the device will light under the top knob. Are you using the latest driver?

ok. definetly not clipping. Yes latest driver.
I get the static crackle when touching the strings.

sorry for time wasting. The problem was caused by guitar internal wiring.

Thanks for responses.