Ci1 windows 7 64bit driver issue

Hi all, i recently purchased the Ci1 interface and have been unsuccessful in getting windows 7 64 bit version to digitally sign the driver for the device. Apparently windows is now demanding that all drivers be digitally signed, now i believe that the fee to have each driver signed is a little less than $200 U.S. dollars, however, if company “A” has a few thousand pieces of equipment on the market, then every time company “A” has to update it’s software the cost would be substantial. So i wanted to know if anyone found a way to have the driver for the Ci1 digitally signed by windows 64 bit version. If yes, i would really like to know how it was done. Step by step directions would greatly be appreciated. :frowning:

hi all, i would just like to acknowledge that i am retarded, so i recently had an issue installing my Ci1 drivers on windows 7 64 bit version, of course the reason was, 1. i did not read the installation guide correctly and 2. you need to know how to disable driver signing in windows 7 64 bit version. So now that i have my Ci1, cubase 5, and my brand new pc build functioning at optimal performance, i will tell you how i did it.

Step 1.
you must disable window driver signing prior to placing the “Tools for Ci1” CD in your DVD drive, you can do this by following or copy and pasting the youtube link in your browser.
Step 2.
After you have placed windows in test mode and installed the drivers and restarted you computer a few times, you can check to see if your driver is signed by right clicking on “my computer” scroll down to manage, click on it, scroll down to device manager, click on it, scroll down to to "sound, video and games, double click on that, then scroll down to stineberg Ci1 double click on that, then click driver and you should see that the driver has been signed by yamaha corporation…if it dosent say that the driver has been signed, then go back to step 1 and repeat.
Step 3.
I have cubase 5, so this part might be different if you are working with another Digital Audio Workstation, DAW…if you scroll across the top of cubase you will see “File, Edit, Project, Audio, MIDI, Scores, Media Transport, Devices, Window, help” Go to devices and click on it.

Then scroll down to device setup and open it.

Next click on VST audio system and look to the top right of the dialogue box for a drop down menu, click on it and select

Yahama Stineberg usb Asio.

The Sineberg Yahama driver should now appear on the left side of the dialogue box almost at the bottom.

Click on the driver and make sure that all the “states” are set to active and visible, they should be visible and active by default.

next click on VST system link, look at the top right of the dialogue box and select stineberg Ci1 for ASIo input and output.

click ok then close the box.

i think that should be it, you may have to restart your computer, i did not. I hope that i was clear, i hope that this helps, if not i am sorry for wasting your time just remember that i am retarded. :smiley:

Of course you’re not! :wink: Even most of the senior members around here have issues and go to great extents to prepare their interfaces/DAWs for 64 bits. To avoid all the hassle, I just run 32 bit OS’s, therefore keeping everything rather simple. Not dogging ya for having 64 bit by any means, just saying that you have to have quite a bit of experience to keep everything smooth in that environment.

Thanks for the support bro. The main reason for using the 64 bit version is to avoid the 3+ megabyte of ram limitation that the 32 bit of windows has when using cubase 5, and since im upgrading to cubase 6 and currently have 16 megs of ram with the option to upgrade to 32 megs of ram, i just figured that i’d get the most out of all my software and hardware. So far the CI1 is a great piece of hardware, however, i’m going to get the C121 and the Mr816 csx, then ill have a world class studio at home, to go along with the “world class” tracks and songs that im composing…please don’t ruin my fantasy, if i don’t believe my art is the best thing since slice bread who will? :smiley: