CI1 Won't Send Stereo Signal

New to these forums, go easy on me.;

I recently bought a CI1, paired it with an AT2020 cardoid mic. When I’m recording (in Audacity, using Windows XP), I’m only getting one channel of audio, either L or R, depending on which of the 2 mic cable ports I plug into. I tried a work around, record a a mono track and change the pan myself, but then the sound levels peak at only half gain. HELP?

Hi mightymadkap,

You are recording only a mono signal with your AT2020. If you would like to record a signal in stereo you need to use two microphones (left and right) or a stereo microphone. But I would expect that you are only recording a mono source (vocal, guitar) at a time so there is no need to do a stereo recording. If you have recorded several mono signals you can place the different signals at your preferd position in the mix.

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Stefan Schreiber

I have the same problem.

I recently bought the CI 1 USB audio interface with Sequel LE. The problem is that while I make a mono recording, Sequel still treats the recording as a stereo track. How can I change this in Sequel LE?

I try to record a guitar. I use the input 1 to plug in my guitar. When I play back the recording, the sound is panned to the left. How can I get the recording to be panned in the middle? Even when I push the mono button in the CI 1 it is stil panned to the left.

Please help me.

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Herben Grin

I think Sequel only includes Stereo audio tracks. Is the panner on your track in the center?

Each input (1 & 2) are mono signals. Create a mono Audio Track in order to record the inputs individually.

If you want to record in stereo you need to fill both inputs with a stereo source (e.g. two microphones).

I can’t get that to work in Sequel LE. This makes me think that you can’t choose mono audio tracks? Of course this is easy in Cubase.

Ah, I have never used (or seen even) Sequel. Sorry for the confusion, everyone. :blush: