CI2 AI interface navigation not working

Hello all.

I’m trying out a CI2 interface with Cubase Artist 8 on Acer laptop mounting Windows 7 SP1 (all drivers installed and running). I read of the amazing AI Knob and whatever, but for some reason the “AI ready” light is not lit and, therefore, the “point-with-mouse-and-turn-the-knob” feature is not working. As a result, even if MIDI signals are detected from Cubase (I can see the signal received when I push buttons or turn the knob) no interface navigation is possible: instead, the buttons deliver precise midi notes (the knob being something like A#-3). I even tried to use it as a “generic input device” but I’m not used to that kind of setup and failed.

Is CI2 AI Knob features even compatible with Cubase Artist 8? Since it’s kind of old, I wondered…

I’m waiting for your support, thank in advance!

Ok, while waiting I found the answer myself, leaving it here for those who will come.

My bad, I installed the drivers the wrong way. Actually, I think I only forgot to launch the installer of “Yamaha Extensions” or something like that, which was (odd enough) not launched automatically the first time. Now it’s all working.