ci2+ and other steinberg hardware midi spikes

come on guys , you are the inventors of midi ,you have the most technological DAW on the market BUT every single bit of new steinberg hardware i have bought from you lately has this midi connection spike issue and it really has pissed me right off now, thats more money down the pan ,completely unuseable in my setups , ive asked with the cmc qc , and have been told you would look in to it and there has been no answer so as far as im concerned i have spent £350 on unuseable crap . shurly it can’t be that hard to sort out …
ive own the ci2+ and the cmc and both are back up for sale .

BEWARNED if you use the midi activity to read true midi singals these new controllers and soundcard spike you midi activity and steinberg can’t be arsed to sort it out .

you want true feedback ,you’ve got it !