CI2+ cutting out

I just upgraded all my cables to mogami because the old ones were, well old.

Anyway I was pretty peed off after doing that to find my guitar was cutting out and making awful noises.

So checked all the cables and no problems, I got a little peed off and just happen to bang the top of the C2, like you would an old TV lol, and suddenly it worked, then cut out again. So I banged it a couple more times until it worked.

So short story long, what is wrong with my C2? I’ve only had it a few months and it normally doesn’t get abused. I suppose I should open it up and take a look, but right now I just prefer to vent.

Also Guitar Rig keeps saying it can’t find my soundcard, even though I have had it for ages and have not changed a thing, it’s still set to the CI2 in audio prefs. Amplitube is fine, as are my other apps.

Anyone else have this prob?