ci2+ driver issues

purchased ci2+ today and istalled driver disc version 1.1 wich came with it . the update 1.3.0 i downloaded from the website however my pc wont run . it causes blue screen of death immediatly pc is fired up as soon as windows has booted and tries to fire up the sound card.
also experiencing numouros freezing resulting in loosing my first project.meebe the update would help theese issues if i could actually get it to run. if its of any help i noticed during the first install attemps i got a couple of error notifications saying " unsuspected string error 2203" although after delting the install acouple of times i got version 1.1 to install ok but not version 1.3.0
ihave the artist package running on win 7 , i5 sandy bridge overclocked to 4.5 gig and 8 meg ram

any help would be appreciated
regards ian

23 views and no replys .bit of.a worry. Has anyone. Had problems installing version 1.3.1 ???