CI2 help....

hi everyone
for christmas last year my dad bought me a steinberg ci2 advanced integration usb studio and it came with the AI5 software for free… well i loaded everything on to my computer and i found out the ci2 was broke so i sent it back and got a new one and loaded that one up and it worked but my computer then crashed. well i finally got around to picking up another computer thats processing windows 7 and i would like to use this stuff again but my mom threw away my box that the ci2 came in which had the software and the manuals and things inside. i can get cubase elements if i have no other choice but i would rather refrain from purchasing a new interface as well. is there any way i can use my ci2 that i already own with my new computer and new software that i may have to purchase?
thanks a ton!
(i am working on a dell latitude with windows 7. im 16 and would really like to pursue a career in recording/music production and am using this software as an educational experience but its a little stressful trying to set up haha. thanks everyone)