Ci2+ Latency Issues on an ADK i5 3.2ghz computer

Hi Guys,

I’ve been a Steinberg user since 1997 (I’ve been on Nuendo since 2004). Just last month, I put together a system for my Dad, who’s been a guitarist since the 50’s. On my advice, he purchased an ADK i5 3.2ghz computer with 8 gigs of RAM running Windows 7. He bought Cubase 6, Komplete 7, an M-Audio Oxygen 61 and a Steinberg Ci2+ interface.

I used TeamViewer to remote in and installed Cubase 6 from the DVD, then downloaded and installed the latest updates. Same for Komplete 7, and the Oxygen 61. I downloaded and installed the latest Syncrosoft drivers for the E-licenser. Finally, I installed the Ci2+ drivers from the DVD, then installed 1.6, which was downloaded from the website.

The latency settings are weird. Even at 64 samples, it’s more than 6ms and when it’s set at 64, there are a massive amount of crackles and pops when running a single Midi file to Kontakt. When it’s set at 1024 (at more than 12ms) it’s better but not perfect (with 12ms being completely unusable).

Is this normal for this unit? I put in a call to ADK today but they were too busy and will call tomorrow. I’ve been using an RME 9652 to my Apogees forever and my latency is at less than 3ms with no issues. The computer has a 500 watt power supply: Do I need him to purchase a powered USB hub? We’ve already moved the Ci2+ to other USB ports on the computer to no avail.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Did you install and select the right ASIO driver in device setup?
A powered USB hub might indeed be an idea.

After speaking with ADK, it was a performance issue with the drivers and interface, so it was returned to the dealer. I hooked him up with a MOTU 2408mk3 PCI-e interface and latency is no longer an issue. Thanks for the input!

I Got an Acer Aspire 5750 whit almost same specs (6gb DDR) I also have High latency issues… Is there any Way to solve This? Haven’t got the option to return the ci2+ interface as it was part of the cubase artist plus pack…