CI2 nondescript problem!


I bought a new CI2 to make home recording using my bass guitar. I have installed sofware and tools, there is not an error in connection, I’ve checked “Control Panel - Sound devices” also. I have started the Cubase to make recording and I had no trouble until something went wrong. The problem was interruption of sound during recording by nondescript problem. First, I couldn’t realised what was going wrong but then I understood that there is a problem about AI Ready indicator. I know that this indicator should light up when I use Cubase software. However, in my situation this indicator always stand “off” position and only sometimes blink (for 1 second) and at this moment, when it blinks, CI2 hardware doesn’t take sound and my recording process fails. I thought that the problem is about connections or software and I have uninstalled all of softwares and installed them again. I also changed cables with new ones. However, it doesn’t solved.

I need help to solve this problem. Why does AI Ready indicator not stand light on? Why can I not make a smooth recording?


Isn’t there any one who can help???


make sure that you are running the latest update of Tools for CI2:



Which operating system do you use ? Is it perhaps Windows XP ? When YES, then please have a look here